What are the benefits of commissioning a writing firm over a solo writer?

While solo writers are a great bet for small to medium sized projects, they may not be equipped enough to take on more voluminous assignments or bulk-writing projects. Of course you could hire a couple more to pitch in, it is still not the same as a group of writers working as a team. Our writers at Pixie Dust Writing Studio are completely in sync with each other which enables us to effectively delegate and organize the tasks at hand. This helps us deliver consistent and timely results.

What are the modes of payment?

For international clients, we prefer payments via Paypal. Indian clients can choose to take the same route or make a direct account transfer. In absence of these options, we accept cheques. If you wish to adopt another mode of payment, you can always check with us – we’ll be happy to work out a mutually convenient arrangement.

Do you charge in advance?

We usually charge a part of the project fee before commencing any work on the assigned project. The division of fee largely depends on the nature, duration and volume of the project. We also accept payments weekly or biweekly.

How can I be sure that the content is not copy-pasted from the web?

We follow the highest standards of ethics and honesty with all our clients. We are open to quality checks at any time and are willing to refund your fee in full if any part of the text is found plagiarized.  We run all our drafts through Copyscape to ensure originality.

Why hire a professional writing service?

Writing for the web goes well beyond excellent vocabulary and correct grammar. Apart from being engaging and interesting to the reader, web content should be search-engine friendly too. A professional writer knows the difference between the print and online mediums and can provide content that is tailored to meet your business needs.

Can you handle bulk writing assignments?

Yes, we are happy to take up large-scale and long-term projects. Since we are a group of writers working as a team, it is possible for us to complete bulk projects within record time.

How many writers do you have on the team?

At the moment, we have three writers on the core team but we have several others in our network who are willing to work on a part-time or contractual basis when the need arises.

Do you follow a standard quote for all writing projects?

As a matter of fact, we don’t. We consider various qualitative and quantitative variables of the project before quoting a price. However, we do not vary our rates according to a client’s nationality or size of the business.

How can I communicate my requirements to you?

As a first step, you can shoot us a mail expressing your willingness to work with us. We can then take things forward by discussing your requirements in detail. If emails are not your thing, we are available for a one-on-one voice chat on Skype and Gtalk.