Content. Quality. Value. Did You Find The Pixie Dust?

You have developed a new website and you cannot figure out the best content to publish? Website traffic is slow and the pressure to perform is hitting the roofs? Net revenue is down and the competition is overtaking you? Worry not. Meet the Pixie Dust Writing Studio – the solutionto your entire gamut of website worthy problems. You can reach us from any corner of theworld. We live online. We breathe online. We deliver online.
If you want to succeed in the world of e-commerce and outperform all the other players in thebusiness then you need to incorporate these four ideas into your e-space:

  1. Originality
  2. Optimization
  3. Out of the ordinary
  4. ‘Octangular’ thought

Originality is the key to every successful enterprise. You sell e-books, CDs, music cds, shoes,clothing, watches, household items, anything; the bottom-line is that you need to be unique.How do you publicize to the world that what you sell is unique? Simple. Tell us about yourbusiness and with our creativity and originality, we will develop dynamic content for your onlineportal that will keep the user stream flowing.

Optimization is the foundation of a web business. No one wants badly written content orhyperlinks that obstruct your navigation. Every icon, every link, every information, has to beclear, conscise, and legible. It can be the link name or a logo – it has to be search engineoptimized. You type “ consulting opportunities” and Google should instantly identify thecorrect webpage and correct website. You need SEO content? Come to us.

“Out of the ordinary” content and the best creative minds to help you research and publish it; we at Pixie Dust are the specialists.

An “Octangular” thought is the result of expertise, diverse interests, and the creative writingskills. You have a shopping portal selling shoes. What’s so different? There are many suchshops out there. So what is so different about the shoes that you sell that can make thecustomer come to you? You can’t think straight here. You have the product; you have theresources – the writers; let us do the research, think “octangularly”, and help you sell.

Okay, enough talk about the writers at Pixie Dust. Why not hire us and see for yourself?

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