5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1. Choosing the Wrong Person for the Job

Any good SEO writer or firm should be able to analyze the market dynamics and competitor websites to provide you with personalized and optimized content. More importantly, they should have reasonable experience in SEO copywriting. Discuss your expectations vis-a-vis product/service and target audience to ensure that you and the writer are on the same page. When in doubt, do a test run with the writer or conduct a short training session online. You want an SEO writer who will stay away from quick fixes. Unscrupulous usage of keyword tags is an absolute no-no and exploiting keyword tags with irrelevant keywords is nothing less than spamming. Of course, keywords are essential for good optimization but they should not be abused – a skilled SEO writer will know how to use keywords in the right places, at the right frequency.

2. Using Duplicate content

It is crucial that your website content is 100% original and unique. Stealing content from other sources would be the biggest SEO faux pas you can ever commit. Duplicate content puts your website at a risk of being banned by search engines and tarnishes your reputation in the marketplace. Ensure that the SEO writer/firm does not conform to unethical practices – a written agreement signed by both parties would be one way to do this.

3. Cloaking, Redirecting or Linking

Cloaking refers to displaying different versions of the same content to search engines and to visitors so that search engines are forced to read text different from the actual text. Cloaking text, links, pages, etc. are all illegal and punishment is imminent if one is caught. Link buying and renting, although rampant these days, is a highly avoidable SEO practice. Most sites exchange links for securing a higher place in the search engine results. This may not prove healthy for your business in the longer run.

4. Compromising on Content Quality

Any amount of SEO settings and gimmicks will fall flat if your content is worthless and makes no sense to the reader. After all, you are selling your products/services to people, not search engines! Make high quality, well-written website content your first priority and everything else will automatically fall in place.

5.  Avoiding SEO practices altogether!

This is the final biggest mistake that you cannot make! You might lack the knowledge and the expertise but you cannot leave your website without optimizing you content. SEO puts you high up on search engines where prospective customers/clients are most likely to find you. What is the point of building a great website if nobody knows it exists? Outsourcing your content requirements to a SEO writer/ firm may be a good idea since that leaves you with more time to take care of other business tasks.

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