5 Reasons To Hire An E-Book Writer

“Everyone has a book in them”, goes a trite saying. Whether you are a small business owner, an internet marketer, a blogger or just someone who has information or experiences to share, an E-book can be a great way to earn money and give your business a facelift. However, for every 100 people who want to write an E-book, only 1 will get down to actually doing it. Why? Because there are only so many hours in a day.

Sometimes, the very task of ‘writing’ comes across as too intimidating, especially when you ar ea non-writer or have other, more important demands of business fussing for attention. Writing and E-book does require time, effort, focus and creativity – even seasoned writers have trouble making room for these amidst professional and personal commitments. Does that mean you should leave your e-book writing plans in the limbo? No, not yet.  Hiring an e-book writer may be a smart fix to your problem.  Here are 5 reasons why you should outsource your e-book writing project to a professional writer:

The Professional Touch: If you are looking to make money through your e-book, you would rather put across one that is flawless in terms of language, sentence structure and tone. Professional writers do just that! Apart from writing and compiling reader-friendly content, a professional e-book writer will ensure connectivity between chapters and consistency in style and formatting. E-book writers work closely with you and write in  your “voice” and organize text under strategically placed headings and subheadings to keep readers hooked till the last page.

Affordability: In every business, time is money. Think about all the money you risk losing if you choose to take a few weeks off to write an e-book. Hiring a professional e-book writer does seem like a fair deal after all when you look at the larger picture. Most freelance e-book writers will charge you a one-time project fee, which is quite a reasonable investment when compared to the profits you will eventually rake in through e-book/ product sales.

Objective Feedback: Is the content valuable to the reader? Will it help to add an extra chapter on a particular topic? Can a piece of information be presented in a better way (in the form of a flowchart, table or graph)? Can a point be illustrated more clearly with an example/case study/ diagram? Your e-book writer also doubles up as a reader and reviewer of your e-book (at no extra cost :) ) and will provide objective feedback at every stage as part of their e-book writing services.

Speed and Efficiency: If you actually got down to doing every task involved in writing, publishing and marketing your e-book, it would probably take forever. Professional writers are accustomed to writing huge volumes of content everyday, which is why they can deliver a high-quality e-book in a matter of days (or even hours, if you  require a shorter e-book). You could include sales letters, blog posts and other promotional content as part of e-book writing services for a nominal price to boost your marketing efforts.

Copyright and Ownership: Hiring a ghostwriter for your e-book project means that you get to retain all the rights and publish the book under your name. You do not owe any royalties or commissions to the writer and all profits generated from the sales of the book are entirely yours to keep.

If you have an e-book idea floating around in your mind and would like to hire an e-book writer to materialize it, get in touch with the Pixie Dust Writing Studiotoday for a free, no-obligations quote!

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